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Window Dresser Finished

Aim of the course is the approach to the techniques of planning and organization of the image of a point of sale, as a space of communication through the creation of productions that tell and enhance the brand.
The course will analyze the basic concepts of Visual Merchandising, providing the tools to organizethe range of goods and the management of the shop’s image:presentation of the total look and use of color, the exhibition layout, interior layout (management of display wall, corner, display,advertising space, etc..), study of the preparation and planning and implementation of the windows.
The teacher is an expert professional image of the Luxury sector.
The classes consist of a maximum of 9 people and at the end of the course will receive a certificate signed by the teacher.

The lessons will be held on Monday morning.

Teacher Claudio Barni

Total Hours Course: 40 hours
Course duration: 3 months
Weekly attendance: 1 lesson
Duration Lessons: 4 hours
Total cost discounted in one solution: 1,000€
VAT included

Final Certificate

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Study Programme

  • Visual Merchandising
  • Visual elements
  • Shopping Experience
  • Marketing