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Wedding Dress Design

The aim of this course is to convey the necessary knowledge to design a Bridal collection.
The curriculum provides an introduction to the basics and anatomical proportions of the human body, the study of colouring and rendering techniques, as well as the development of individual creative ability.
Technical subjects, such as graphic and flat pattern design, give a more complete training.
At the end of the course the student has acquired a personal style that can be identified in the fashion market.

Individual Lessons.

Duration and cost

Total Hours Course: 360 hours
Duration Lesson: 3 hours


Course duration: 7 months
Weekly attendance: 4 lessons
Fee: € 500/month (7 months)
Total discounted fee in a single installment: € 3,000
VAT include


Course duration: 4 months
Weekly attendance: 8 lessons
Fee: € 875/month (4 months)
Total discounted fee in one installment: € 3,000
VAT include

Course registration can be done in any month of the year.

Final examination with an external commission at the headquarters of the  Istituto Burgo in Milan,for the issue of the Diploma.
Accredited by the Lombardy Region as an operator for training with no. 811


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Study programme

  • Anatomical basis
  • Study of Measurement
  • Study of Details
  • Drawing Techniques
  • Colour Theory
  • Rendering Techniques
  • Creativeness
  • Graphical Draw
  • Technical Draw
  • Decoration
  • Collection and Portfolio
  • Method of Research
  • Stylist
  • Study of Lines
  • Illustration
  • Quick Fashion Sketches
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Flat Pattern Design
  • Technical Schedule
  • Sociology – Marketing
  • Fashion Trends

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