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Man’s Wear Design

Man’s Fashion, a wide topic of Fashion world, covers a wide portion of the International Fashion Market. To face man’s Fashion reality with enough knowledge, it is important to develop and articulate its study. The student have to learn subjects such as: basis of Anatomy and Quick Fashion Sketching, he will deepen his knowledge on the psychological implication behind men’ style and he will approach some notions around the History of Fashion until he will be able to create his own Collection. The program is supported by specific books and high qualified teachers, professional on field, able to give our students an excellent preparation.

Individual Lessons.

Duration and cost

Total Hours Course: 450 hours
Duration lessons: 3 hours


Course duration: 12 months
Weekly attendance: 4 lessons
Fee: 380€/month (12 months)
Total discounted fee in a single installment: 4,000€
VAT include


Course duration: 6 month
Weekly attendance: 8 lessons
Fee: 760€/month (6 months)
Total discounted fee in a single installment: 4,000€
VAT include

Course registration can be done in any month of the year.

Final examination with an external commission at the headquarters of the Istituto Burgo in Milan,for the issue of the Diploma.
Accredited by the Lombardy Region as an operator for training with no. 811

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Study Programme

Drawing Techniques
Anatomical basis
Measurements Study
Man’s Clothing History
Colours Theory
Rendering Techniques
Fibers and Yarns
Fabrics and Materials
Fashion Styling
Collections – Portfolio
Fashion Sketching
Method of Research
Sociology – Marketing
Fashion Accessories
Techniques Schedule
Study of Lines and Styles

Other Master