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Summer Course Fashion Design 60 hours

This course aims to provide the basics of fashion design. After a first approach with the design of the human body, we move on to the coloring techniques and to the fashion sketch. Finally we proceed to create a small collection.
Our courses are at the forefront thanks to both the experience of its teachers and the excellent quality of the teaching material annually updated by experts in the field.

Fashion Designer – Drawing and Collection Techniques

Lessons are individual

Choose from: Women, Men, Underwear, Wedding Dresses, Children, Swimwear, Theatrical Costume, Footwear or Accessories.

Days and Hours

Course duration from 2 to 26 July

Monday to Thursday from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 16.30
Possibility to choose the days of the week

Duration and cost

Total Hours Course: 60 hours
Duration Lesson: 3 hours
Weekly attendance: 8 lessons
Total price: 590€

VAT included
Individual lessons

Final Certificate.

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Study Programme

  • Anatomy and Proportions
  • Colouring Techniques
  • Fashion Sketches
  • Illustration
  • Creative Process
  • Fashion Design Portfolio
  • Techniques Schedule


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