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Children’s Wear Pattern Making

Professionals in Pattern Making for Children are extremely required in our society where the Children Fashion Market is on great demand.
This course has been panned to prepare specialists able to satisfy consumers’ request.
The course will study in depth Children’s system measurement and allowance, different from the adults’, the planning and the lay out of Children garments.
Moreover our student will study theoretic subjects such as: fabrics, materials in general and new Fashion trends. Thanks to this method of teaching, our student will be a qualified professional able to face the working reality with a deep knowledge of Market demand.

Individual Lessons.

Duration and cost

Total Hours Course: 330 hours
Duration Lesson: 3 hours


Course duration: 8 months
Weekly attendance: 4 lessons
Fee: € 440/month (7months)
Total discounted fee in a single installment: € 3,000
VAT include


Course duration: 4 months
Weekly attendance: 8 lessons
Fee: € 875/month (4 months)
Total discounted fee in one installment: € 3,000
VAT included

Course registration can be done in any month of the year.

Final examination with an external commission at the headquarters of the  Istituto Burgo in Milan, for the issue of the Diploma
Accredited by the Lombardy Region as an operator for training with no. 811

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Study Programme

Study of Basis
Anatomical Basis
Dart in Transfer
Tracksuit Basis
Study of Measurement
Study of Allowance
Study of: Baby outfits, Tracksuit, Spats, T-shirt
Study of Trousers
Study of Jacket
Study of Coats
Pattern Layout
Industrial Techniques
Pattern Grading
Tailoring Sewing Techniques
Fibres and Yarns
Quality Check
Patterns made from the creativeness of the students

Other Master