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Accessories Design

Our method is based on a simple and intuitive concept with just one aim, to make every kind of clothing.
All the bases are made by hand, without using pre-made bases.
From the beginning you have real contact with the fabric and you will create different items of clothing.
At the end of the course, after having made many patterns, you’ll be able to create everything from a simple shirt to an elegant suit, from a skirt to a coat, from underwear to wedding gowns.
The method is both traditional and new at the same time.
The aura of old-fashioned tailoring shops is combined with modern creativity, always evolving with time.
That’s why the practice and the search regarding the materials are at the base of our method.
It’s very important, step by step, to have constant contact with the teacher.
Each student is followed and advised, always with respect for his own individuality.

Duration and cost

Total Hours Course: 360 hours
Duration Lesson: 3 hours


Course duration: 7 months
Weekly attendance: 4 lessons
Fee: € 500/month (7months)
Total discounted fee in a single installment: € 3,000
VAT include


Course duration: 4 months
Weekly attendance: 8 lessons
Fee: € 875/month (4 months)
Total discounted fee in one installment: € 3,000
VAT include

Course registration can be done in any month of the year.

Final examination with an external commission at the headquarters of the  Istituto Burgo in Milan,for the issue of the Diploma.
Accredited by the Lombardy Region as an operator for training with no. 811

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Study programme

  • Study of Measurements
  • Study of Vestibility
  • Pattern Making
  • Haute Couture
  • Pattern Making Techniques
  • Industrial techniques
  • Pattern Lay Out
  • Tailor Sewing Technique
  • Industrial Sewing Techniques
  • Creativness
  • Fibers and yarns
  • Fabrics and materials
  • Pattern Grading Technique
  • Planning Techniques
  • Cost Control and Costing
  • Quality Control
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Techniques Schedule

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